kwb.resilience allows calculating different resilience indices for time series. Equations are described and discussed in the freely available conference paper by Matzinger et al. (2018) (unfortunately in German only). The sample data for the first example in the paper is also contained in the package as a data.frame “oxygen”.

The package should make a starting point for a broader discussion of approaches to tackle resilience of urban water infrastructure for applied cases. Accordingly, adaptations and suggestions are encouraged!


The first version of kwb.resilience was developped at Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin in the framework of the project netWORKS 4, financed by the German Ministry of Education and Research in the program FONA.

How to use kwb.resilience

Install the package using devtools as follows. For more information check documentation of single functions and the tutorial.

note: this will also install two handy KWB packages kwb.event and kwb.plot and their CRAN dependencies.

Reference: Matzinger, A., M. Zamzow, M. Riechel, E. Pawlowsky-Reusing, P. Rouault (2018) Quantitative Beschreibung der Resilienz urbaner Wassersysteme. In: Schriftenreihe wasser infrastruktur ressourcen. Vol. 1. 119-127. TU Kaiserslautern.