The R package kwb.wtaq provides a programmatic interface to the well drawdown model WTAQ version 2.1 (developed by the U.S. Geological Survey). The WTAQ 2.1 model engine is included in the package, but also available for download as self-extracting win-zip file from the USGS .

Launch tutorial in cloud RStudio session (and install kwb.wtaq from master branch): Binder

1. Install from GitHub

3. Known issues

Compilation of the WTAQ-2.1 source code (/src) throws the following messages:

  • “Error: Arithmetic overflow converting INTEGER(16) to INTEGER(4) at (1)” (fixed in /src/Makevars with PKG_FFLAGS = -fno-range-check)

  • “Warning: Named COMMON block ‘par6’ at (1) shall be of the same size” (unfixed help in solving this is highly appreciated!)

However, at least these issues do not cause calculation problems for the test carried out under windows: