Calculate drawdowns for given Optiwells configuration and pump discharges

owGetDrawdowns(owConfiguration, Q, times = NULL, solution = NULL,
    to.matrix = TRUE, ...)



Optiwells configuration as e.g. retrieved by owRandomConfiguration.


vector of discharges at the wells in the order of wells in owConfiguration$wellfield


vector of times for which drawdowns are to be calculated


List of solution parameters as retrieved by wtConfigureSolution. If not specified, a default configuration, as retrieved by wtDefaultConfigurationSolution is used.


if TRUE, the results returned by wtRunConfiguration that come in "long" form (the drawdowns for each well appear in blocks one below each other with a column "WELL" indicating the well name) are converted to "matrix" (= wide) form in which the calculated drawdowns appear in columns one beside the other.

additional arguments passed to wtRunConfiguration, such as show.results or dbg, see there.


list with as many elements as there are wells defined in the Optiwells configuration (list element wellfield of owConfiguration). For each pumping well (well with Q > 0) the list element at the corresponding position contains a data frame holding the drawdowns calculated by WTAQ with that well pumping alone and the other wells being observation wells. For each non-pumping well (well with Q = 0) the list element will be NULL. This list can then be used to calculate the superposition of drawdowns.

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